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On request

Full day tour with tasting.

Orvieto, perched at the top of a cliff of tufa rock, is one of the most enchanting towns in Umbria. Formerly an Etruscan settlement, it was abandoned during Roman times and re-inhabited from the Middle Ages. Its main highlight is the imposing Cathedral which silhouette towers in the skyline of the old town. In its interiors you can admire the stunning St. Brizio Chapel with marvellous frescoes by painters Beato Angelico and Luca Signorelli
Strolling around in the old town of Orvieto is really pleasant: nice bars and gelaterie, good restaurants and shops selling products of local artisans such as ceramic, fabrics, wooden objects,etc.
There will be the chance to visit the Pozzo di San Patrizio (St. Patrick's Well), designed by famous architect Antonio da Sangallo in the 16th century or the Orvieto underground, consisting of a riddle of rooms and tunnels excavated in the tufa rock and used for different purposes.
The tour will also include a light lunch at an olive oil mill where it will be possible to learn about the process of extracting the oil and to admire a small museum displaying ancient tools used by peasants to cultivate and process the olives.

DURATION OF THE TOUR8 hours approx.