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Per person rate starting from :
1425,00 euro
A 10-day bike tour to learn about and discover the most charming places in Umbria. Simple routes, a few kilometers a day (about 30km), to go on bike paths, allowing you to reach the most beautiful Umbrian villages and to enjoy the landscapes that surrounds you. The "daisy" route was also studied for non-experts and untrained, structured on two main points for overnight stays, from which and to which to return.

The stages of the itinerary are:

1st stage: Bevagna - Spoleto. Two beautifully preserved city: the first and medieval hamlet, known precisely for "Il mercato delle Gaite", an event that takes place every year, during which you will be taken back in time to relive the arts, crafts and a traditional food. The second, equally affascianante, with its churches and squares rich in history: Spoleto. This hamlet, known around the world for the Festival dei Due Mondi, is  an esemble of dance, theater, music and opera, which attracts visitors and spectators from all the world.

2nd stage: Bevagna - Assisi. In the city of san Francesco you can visit the Basilica, where the saint's remains are consevated, and admire the frescoes of Giotto. L'Eremo delle Carceri, another very important place in the history of Assisi and finally the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, just as beautiful and rich in history.

3rd stage: Bevagna - Montefalco. Small jewel of Umbria, known throughout the world for its excellent red wine: in fact it is here that were born between major Italian wineries, now known all over the world. So in addition to visiting and the historical center of the small village,you have not to miss a tasting wine.

4th stage: Bevagna - Perugia. This city is the nerve center of art and culture. Strolling through the streets of downtown, it means stop at every corner and know its history through palaces, fountains and galleries.

5th stage: Bevagna - S. Anatolia di Narco. Small village, perched on a hill, in the gorges of the Valnerina. Here you will discover a little gem: the museum of the Hemp, the only one of its kind, where you will discover the art of making and use of this natural fiber. The route runs along the former railway Spoleto - Norcia, completely immersed in the green Umbrian valley.

The second part of the tour, predominantly naturalistic, involves moving for overnight stay in another area

1st stage: Colli sul Velino - stages of the route Gran Tour Rando

2nd stage: Colli sul Velino - Lake Ripasottile - Rieti.

3rd stage: Colli sul Velino - Lake Piediluco - Lake Twenty.

4th stage: Greenway Black Piediluco

5th stage: Greenway Black - Marmore Falls - Ferentillo